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Mr Duffy and Mr Clifford by Barry McGuigan

Magazine article Times Educational Supplement

Mr Duffy and Mr Clifford by Barry McGuigan

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The former boxing world champion remembers two teachers who packed a punch

Two of my teachers had a huge impact on me. Not only did they shape who I am but they also influenced my career. I can't pick between them so I'll tell you about both: Peter Duffy and Peter Clifford, who taught me at St Patrick's High School in Clones, County Monaghan, between the ages of 13 and 16.

I wouldn't have been a scholar - that was never going to happen. I was far from the brightest in the class, but these two showed incredible patience with me and boosted my confidence massively. That confidence played a huge part in the journey I was to go on in my boxing career. I'm indebted to them for that.

I had a predilection for English and my teacher, Mr Duffy, was brilliant. I'm dyslexic and I was always putting words the wrong way round. Mr Duffy was wonderfully encouraging of me in spite of that. I was diligent and hard-working, and I think these qualities appealed to him. He would sit down with me and go over my essays with a fine-tooth comb.

Mr Duffy had a wonderful way of questioning why I took a certain route with my writing and he was also a big believer in vocabulary. There was no such thing as enough vocabulary to him. I'm now a boxing commentator and public speaker, and I owe what I hope is a varied vocabulary to that man.

He shaped the way I communicate, there's no doubt in my mind of that. When you're commentating, you might be relaying details of a boring fight but that doesn't mean you can be boring. I'm able to keep things interesting, I hope, because at that young age, when I became fascinated by words, Mr Duffy encouraged me. I'm a pretty good storyteller, too, and much of that is down to him.

Mr Clifford was my mechanical drawing and woodwork teacher. I was always good with my hands, so a lot of what he taught came naturally, but the key thing he inspired in me was patience. …

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