Magazine article The Tracker

Historic Organs and Organists of Philadelphia

Magazine article The Tracker

Historic Organs and Organists of Philadelphia

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HUGH ARCHIBALD CLARKE (1839-1927), was the son of the Canadian organist James P. Clarke, who was his only teacher. He came to Philadelphia in 1859, and was organist in several churches, including the Second Presbyterian Church at 21st Street and Walnut. In 1875 he became professor in the University of Pennsylvania, teaching harmony, counterpoint, orchestration, and analysis. In 1886, the University conferred on him the degree of Mus.D., after the performance of his overture and choruses for Aristophanes's Acharnians. He composed music for Euripides's Iphigenia in Tauris, an oratorio, Jerusalem (1890), a piano-quartet, and several sonatas for violin and piano. He was known for his treatises on harmony and counterpoint, as well as his Dictionary of Musical Terms (1896), Music and the Comrade Arts (1899), and Highways and Byways of Music (1901). His finest hymn tune bears his name and was published in the 1887 Hymnal with Music for Children.

Second Presbyterian Church

Win. B.D. Simmons, 1871

To be ready for use February 1,1872

Compass: Manuals, 58 notes, C-a3

Pedal, 30 notes, C-F

2,792 pipes

Dynamic equivalents were indicated in the contract.

GREAT (pneumatic action)

16 Contra Open Diapason

8 Large Open Diapason

8 Small Open Diapason (Viola)

8 Gamba

8 Hohl Flöte (1-17 stopped)

4 Octave

4 Harmonic Flute (w/m)

2% Twelfth

2 Fifteenth

Mixture piano III (174 pipes)

Mixture forte V (290 pipes)

16 Trumpet (46 pipes)

8 Trumpet

4 Clarion


16 Violina

8 Viola Diapason

8 Dulciana

8 Clarabella (17 lowest pipes stopped)

4 Fugara

4 Flute d'Amour

2% Twelfth

2 Flautino

8 Clarionet


Swell to Great

Swell to Choir

Great to Pedal

Swell to Pedal

Choir to Pedal


16 Bourdon

8 Open Diapason

8 Keraulophon

8 Salicional (PP)

8 Stopped Diapason

4 Octave

4 Violin

2% Nasard Flute

2 Piccolo

Mixture III (174 pipes)

8 Vox Humana

8 Cornopean

8 Oboe

4 Clarion



16 Open Diapason -/-

16 Stopped Diapason -p-

16 Dulciana -mt-

8 Octave -/-

8 Violoncello-Bell -p-

Mixture II (5 ½ - 4', 60 pipes)

16 Trombone


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