Magazine article The Human Life Review

Looking for Sister's Ghost

Magazine article The Human Life Review

Looking for Sister's Ghost

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Dedicated to Little Joe and all the other souls who were told they couldn 't stay with us. Now they wait in peace till the Last Day, when they will ask us to explain why.

And to M. W.B, who said she wanted to "play chicken with anti-choice people," as well as Commander Bart Mancuso, who said, "The hard part about playing chicken is knowing when to flinch. "

In the end, life always wins out-if not in this world, then in the next. For Life itself has already "overcome the world," and He doesn 't flinch.

Xristan is a curious and energetic little boy who has come to the park with his mom and dad to play hide and go seek with his sister-if he can find her, if she will show herself. When they get there his mom puts in her ear buds and sits beside a tree to listen to some music to cheer herself up because she is tired and a little blue. She is often tired and blue, especially on this day each year, so she sits alone with her thoughts and listens to a song about flying away in the arms of an angel. Tristan's dad follows along as Tristan, in a hurry to find his sister, races ahead into the park.

Tristan runs over to a large tree where he sees a squirrel scampering along the ground and then up the trunk. He looks up at the squirrel where it has stopped about half-way and appears to be looking down at him.

He turns to his dad and asks, "Is that my sister?"

His father lays his hand gently on Tristan's shoulder and says, "Do you want it to be?"

"Maybe. She would be safe up there and it's so high up she could watch me play and run around."

A small group of kids are playing near the tree. They are laughing and rolling around in the autumn leaves. One of them, a young boy, notices Tristan and walks over to see what he's looking at.

"What do you see up there?"

"I'm looking for my sister, she's a ghost and she's hiding from me."

The young boy looks up into the tree and sees the squirrel. He turns back to Tristan and with a compassionate voice says, "She's a ghost? I'm sorry to hear that."

Tristan stares up at the squirrel as he continues, "She used to live with us, inside my mom, but she couldn't stay with us."

The rest of the kids, two boys and two girls, stop playing and come over to Tristan and the boy so they can hear what he is saying.

"If she did, mommy would be tired and unhappy or even get mad because my sister and I would be too noisy and wild for her, maybe we would even fight."

The kids listen to Tristan's words, looking at both him and the squirrel, but they are a little unsure of what he's talking about. The oldest of them, a boy about 14, replies:

"Well, we're kids, that's what we're supposed to be like, sometimes at least. Well, okay, maybe most of the time, but when we get too loud at home our parents just tell us to go read or clean our rooms. If we get into a fight with one of our brothers or sisters, like Avigail and Joshua are always doing, we can just go play with one of the others till we make up."

Tristan is only half listening as he gazes intently up at the squirrel. The squirrel notices him and scurries off into the top branches and out of sight. Tristan turns to his dad and says, "I don't think that squirrel is my sister, I think she would be the kind of ghost who would come to me when I wanted to play."

His dad ruffles his hair and says, "Maybe she was too busy to play right now. There's so much to do here, so why don't we keep looking."

The two of them wander off further into the park as the kids shrug their shoulders and go back to playing in the leaves. All except the 12-year-old, a girl, who waves a leaf at them as she calls out, "May your sister's memory be a blessing to you."

Tristan continues walking until he sees a lake at the bottom of a hill, so he heads in that direction. He comes upon some more kids with their parents watching nearby. He walks over to the edge of the water and his dad says, "Not too close, Tristan, you don't know how to swim yet. …

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