Magazine article New Internationalist

The Author Unveiled [the Lugano Report]

Magazine article New Internationalist

The Author Unveiled [the Lugano Report]

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The Lugano Report is actually a fictional work by the noted author and critic of globalization, Susan George. She tells us here why she wrote the book.

What was the genesis of a fictional 'official' report.

I was convinced that another book of analysis and criticism was pointless. I've spent the last 25 years of my life describing hunger, famine, debt and structural adjustment and what they are doing to people, and virtually nothing has changed.

So, I thought, why not make things really clear by taking the logic of the global system to its conclusion? I wanted to put the case clinically to show the horrific consequences of continuing down the economic road we're on.

Why do you think the market model has such a hold on people?

Backers of the global economic model are very clever at paying both hacks and legitimate scholars to spread their propaganda. If a decision were taken that there had to be two billion fewer humans in 2020 you'd soon see all sorts of people developing a new kind of ethics and a new kind of law, and you'd have them paid for. You would have a recasting of Malthus and it would be for everyone's own good, of course.

Why do you reveal yourself as the author at the end? …

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