Magazine article Sunset


Magazine article Sunset


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"A cascade of recirculating water adds to the sense of calm while letting light through."


Add native plants, including California lilac (Ceanothus) and sticky monkey flower (Mimu/us Verity hybrids), to your garden. Fill a hole twice with water, letting it drain completely before planting. Support the fragile rootball as you set it into the hole, then refill using only backfill; most natives need no added soil amendments unless you plant them in pure sand. Make sure the stem is 2 inches higher than the ground to prevent any chance of rot. Press down soil firmly, add mulch, and then irrigate slowly.

Early in the month, plant chilled bare-root strawberry transplants into well-amended soil. Use runners that you have previously chilled for eight weeks, or purchase alreadychilled transplants.

Plant seeds of wildflowers such as baby blue eyes, California poppies, Chinese houses, darkia, larkspur, Moroccan toadflax, and scarlet flax. Till the ground, adding soil amendment but no fertilizer. Sprinkle on the seeds and rake in lightly. Keep them damp by watering daily until germinated.


Thin sweet peas to 3 to 4 inches apart and pinch back tips to force branching. …

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