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Magazine article In These Times


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A symbolic victory

I fully support returning to the power of people being placed over the power of corporations ("A Bill of Rights for Workers," November). But efforts like the one described at the city level are mostly symbolic. The real protections for workers are needed at state levels-at a minimum. It also goes without saying that the main protections for workers can be ruined by having the wrong people on the U.S. Supreme Court. Nothing against the Spokane effort, but we have to aim higher at where power is controlled.



Beyond the Bay

I was surprised that a progressive magazine like In These Times would run the article "Suing the 'Burbs" (November). We are supposed to cheer for activist Sonja Trauss and her big developer friends- whom she calls "captains of industry"-to force the wealthy [San Francisco] suburb Lafayette to allow a 315-unit housing project that they don't want. But the units then will be subsidized so that young tech workers earning $90,000 a year can live in one of the richest cities in America.

The problem is too many corporations want to be located in San Francisco at the expense of the rest of country. There are many cities with affordable housing that are begging for new developments and industry-think Detroit, Cleveland or Jacksonville. Why doesn't the government offer subsidies for companies to relocate instead?

Bob Dombrowski

Grosse Ile, Mich.

Your article on suing the suburbs touts Sonja Trauss, self-described Grand Marshall of the San Francisco Bay Area Renters' Federation (BARF). …

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