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Jesta Minute

Magazine article VFW Magazine

Jesta Minute

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A fellow was crossing a muddy bog on horseback. The horse was sinking up to his knees with every step, and somehow the horse lifted his hind leg too high and got it caught in the strirrup. The rider glanced down and said, "Oh, my God! If you're getting on, I'm getting off!"

Clifford Garski, Sturtevant, Wis.

Dave was a preacher; Bill a bus driver. When called to the Pearly Gates, St. Peter met them and told Bill to go right in.

Dave asked why he wasn't first. St. Peter told him that when he preached, everybody fell asleep. But when Bill drove the bus, everybody started praying.

Ray Maturski, Lancaster, N.Y

She's only a Moonshiner's daughter, but I love her still

Maynard B. Marquis, Aledo, Ill.

IN Two old men met on the street and were talking about loss of memory. One man told the other, "There isn't anything to this loss of memory. I took a short course for it and this is what I learned:

First-listen real good;

Second-think of something you can associate with the person talking; and

Third-Oh well, I can't remember what the third thing is, but two out of three isn't bad! …

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