Magazine article The Times Higher Education Supplement : THE

Men Matter Too!

Magazine article The Times Higher Education Supplement : THE

Men Matter Too!

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Our Head of Equality, Mike Bluster, has warmly welcomed the news that the University of York said it would mark this Thursday's International Men's Day by "highlighting some of the issues that have an adverse impact on equality for men".

Mr Bluster said that he had been "shocked" to learn from Dr Adrian Lee of York's Equality and Diversity Committee that "men were under-represented in the York student population as a whole" and that "in York academic departments, the support staff is heavily weighted towards women, with some departments employing no men at all in these roles".

There was, though, the reassuring promise from Dr Lee that this serious under-representation of men "in such key areas" would be addressed systematically and fairly, "in the same way that we approach unfairness and discrimination faced by women".

Perhaps, suggested Mr Bluster, such discrimination against men at York should be brought to the attention of its highest authority, the 12-person University of York Senior Management Group.

Support for the cause could surely be expected from the vice-chancellor himself, Professor Koen Lamberts, or if not him, then perhaps from Professor Saul Tendler, the deputy vice-chancellor, or perhaps Professor John Robinson, the pro vice-chancellor, or perhaps the registrar, Dr David Duncan, or perhaps the dean of the Faculty of the Social Sciences, Professor Stuart Bell, or perhaps the dean of the Faculty of the Sciences, Professor Brian Fulton, or perhaps the dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Professor Mark Ormrod, or perhaps the finance director Mr Jeremy Lindley, or perhaps the director of corporate planning and deputy registrar Mr David Muckersie.

Whatever the outcome, said Mr Bluster, we should all be grateful for York's "highlighting of the issues". Men at the university could now walk the campus in the secure knowledge that with such a formidable champion as Dr Lee, they could look forward to that blissful day when they were no longer the object of "unfairness and discrimination". …

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