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Magazine article Pointe

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Q I started ballet at a late age, around 13, and sometimes I get very discouraged about dancing. I love to dance-it's what makes me tick-but there are times that I feel like I'm not going anywhere because I started so late. Do you ever feel discouraged, like you don't want to dance for a while?

A I have met many dancers who have started late and are fantastic dancers. At the same time, I know many dancers who have started young and are still trying to figure it out. Thirteen is not late, especially if you are serious and dedicated to your art. However, if you have doubt within yourself, I would say that you are your biggest enemy. You must concentrate on your love for dancing because that is what will guide you wherever you choose to go.

Q There is another dancer in my class who is as good as I am. She always gets better roles in ballets than I do. Should I be worried? What should I do? Will this go on forever? Do I have a chance?

A You are still a work in progress. You shouldn't be too worried about someone else getting more roles than you do at this stage of your career. Casting is usually one person's opinion, and that changes from place to place. Just make sure that when the time comes and you are cast in that role you've always wanted, you show them you've got what it takes. A little challenge is healthy.

Q What inspired you to dance, and how can young dancers like myself be inspired to make it big like you?

A Wanting to be like Michael Jackson and Bruce Lee is where my passion for dance originated, but it was my father's vision to put me in ballet. …

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