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Magazine article AMLE Magazine


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Amusing, interesting, and provocative comments from the field of education

"In a perfect world...all pathways into the profession are controlled by teachers (just as in professions such as law and nursing). College programs must be accredited by teachers, and those programs have far more solid basis in child development and content area knowledge than in dopey methods courses by professors who haven't set foot in classrooms for umpteen years."

- Peter Greene, teacher, "The Public Education Dream," on his Curmudgucation blog.

"'Music appreciation' is an old-fashioned word-but it really goes to the heart of what the best music teachers do: hooking kids on music."

- -Nancy Flanagan, teacher, "Four Question for New Teachers," on the Education Week blog, Teacher in a Strange Land.

"As a teacher, there are fewer things worse than a student who's proud to be lazy and too lazy to have any pride. …

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