Magazine article Business Credit

Chairman's Message

Magazine article Business Credit

Chairman's Message

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Practicing Innovation

WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY DEFINES INNOVATION AS change made in anything established. Since my term as Chairman began, I have seen numerous innovations initiated by your National Association. And, I have had the pleasure of discovering, along with Paul J. Mignini Jr., NACM National's president and his staff in Columbia, Maryland, that innovation means more than creating new products and services, it means finding more effective and efficient ways to deliver services, or finding new ways to involve the total membership in the nation's business affairs. In short, NACM National is dedicated to looking beyond the norm to find new and innovative ways to conduct business.

NACM's vision sets the tone for what NACM National is-and will become-and what it will do for its membership. You will be interested to learn what your Association has done recently at the National level.

Many of you already know that the National Education Department has worked hard to accomplish a terrific goal: to gain college equivalency for the Credit Administration Program (CAP). This means that the American Council on Education has granted college equivalency for the three CAP courses and almost all of the NACM Affiliates are participating.

While I'm on the subject of NACM National Educational Programs, I think the stats on the professional Designation Program are also interesting: currently, there are a total of 1,470 CBA, 568 CBF and 911 CCE designation holders; each of these designations are fortunate to maintain a high pass rate-from 70-87 percent! The designers of the National Educational Programs-the Accreditation and Education Committees, and the national staff-are doing an outstanding job!

I am very proud to report that the National Government Receivables Department (GRD) has had great success with its conferences and seminars this year, particularly in its newly launched program of teleconferences, part of the NACM Direct-To-You program. As technology advances, so does your National Association; look for more of these teleconferences soon, from GRD and other National Departments. It's a great way to send your whole staff to a program without them leaving your offices, and makes great economic sense.

One of the piers (a concrete supplier term) that our organization was founded upon 103 years ago, was loss prevention. Today, our Loss Prevention Department (LPD) is even more valuable for the service it provides to members. Recently, they were instrumental in putting the breaks on a gang that has done at least one, $5 million bustout each year for the past five years. …

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