Magazine article The Tracker

Lynnwood Farnam on American Organs

Magazine article The Tracker

Lynnwood Farnam on American Organs

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Residence of George F. Lindsay, St. Paul, Minn. Aeolian [No. 1429 (1918/29)]. Very beautiful and appealing; most exquisite velvety flutes and soft pipes. No extra pipes for octave couplers. Mixture slightly spiky at top. (Visited June 21, 1922.)

Residence of George Blumenthal, New York. Aeolian [No. 1349 (1916)]. A pleasant organ. Echo, a floating organ, as are harps and chimes. No way of coupling Echo to Pedal- stupid! Pedal 8 ft. flute bad speech. Organ hidden behind tapestries in an exquisite galleried room. Console in a mezzanine gallery.


St. Anthony's R.C. Church, New Bedford, Mass. Casavant, 1912. A wonderfully fine and impressive organ. Its only disappointment being weak pedal and no 32 ft. A great treat to play a Casavant again. Action perfect, and organ simple in management. Wind pressures range from 3!4" to 12". N.B. Pedal is not adequate unless the Tuba is used.

St. Francois-Xavier Church, 16th St., New York. Casavant Bros. 1903, No. 184 [IV/82]. (Rebuild of old Hook & Hastings [Op. 1022, 1881, IV/81]). Much good flue work. Bad old chorus reeds. Especially on Gt. Odd selection of couplers.

First Congregational Church, Detroit, Mich. Casavant 1918. Fine instrument, although acoustics are dry. Notably fine ensemble. Lovely mixture in chancel Swell. Quints on Pedal 32 ft. stop too loud. Steinway pianoforte in gallery organ. (Visited Sept 22, 1922.)


The Mission Inn, Riverside, Calif. W.W. Kimball Co. Sweet tone, on the mild side. Bass comes out remarkably well. Very queer is the omission of Sw. to Gt. super [coupler], (Visited Sept. 6, 1924.)

St. John's Presbyterian Church, Berkeley, Calif. W.W. Kimball, 1909. One of the finest little organs I ever played on. The action is superb, having considerable resistance, and repeating like lightening. Good tone all through. It's too bad there's no Swell Octave Coupler (on itself). (Visited Wed. July 1911.)

St. Stephen's R.C. Church, East 28th St., New York City. "New organ erected to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of our High Altar 1870-1920 and the Pastorate of the Right-Reverend Patrick J. Hayes, D.D., Auxiliary Bishop of New York, 1915-1919." By W.W. Kimball Company [KPO 6567, 1920, IV/19 ranks]. Main organ in west gallery, console and chancel organ in south transept gallery, Echo high up in north transept. …

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