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Magazine article In These Times


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Democratic socialism or bust?

The voters' dilemma is that we have four parties, not two: socially austere vs. fiscally conservative Republicans, and neoliberal vs. progressive Democrats.

The pundits think Bernie Sanders cannot win the nomination. If they are right, progressive voters will again have to choose between what Joseph Schwartz {"The Year Socialism Came Back," January) correctly calls the "Democratic corporate establishment" and a third-party candidate who is actually progressive.

It is a devil's choice, as we know all too well. For myself, I don't believe I can vote for an austere "corporate establishment" that stands for virtually none of my values. I hope the pundits will prove mistaken.

Barry N. Bishop

Lewisburg, PA

The truth about TPP and Obama

What astonishes me most about the Trans-Pacific Partnership ("8 Terrible Things About the TPP," January) is that Obama thought he could keep the contents of the trade agreement secret. He is evidently a president who cares about his legacy, and this agreement, along with its secrecy, flies in the face of everything he said when running in 2008.

Larry Sherk


Terror profiteers

I think it was GE CEO Charles E. Wilson who, following World War II, popularized the expression "permanent war economy"("When Terror Is Good for Business," January). It was with this business model in mind that President Eisenhower called out the militaryindustrial complex in his Farewell Address, which I read as his parting f@#$ you to the latter institution. …

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