Magazine article World Literature Today

We Shall Manage

Magazine article World Literature Today

We Shall Manage

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for Rabiqe, who doesn't like to read sad poems

our teardrops will dry

we shall forget even the easiest of rebellions -

rebellion against God

we shall forget jealousy -

both you

and I

will leave our pride at home

first of all

we shall walk toward grief

it will be confused by our smile

it will see that it has no home

in our souls - this eternal guest

will forever leave us


we shall borrow thread

from the Sun

and embroider our red, red dresses

with golden tracery

we shall acquire wings

and fly

we shall manage

to be happy:

to stick out our tongues to the rain

to throw a wink to the sun

to wrinkle our noses at the wind -

such things will occur only to us

and what we could never imagine -

you are the prettiest women in all the world - they will say

ah, we will love, we will believe

deliberately we will not ask

have you seen all the women of the world? …

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