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Guest Stars Who Made a Mark

Magazine article Variety

Guest Stars Who Made a Mark

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In "The Holographic Excitation" Aldrin makes a brief but memorable appearance when the gang takes Howard to Aldrin's home on Halloween where the former astronaut hands out Mars Bars, moon pies and Milky Ways. Meeting a true moonwalker shuts up Howard about his own NASA experience.


Playing Leonard's mother, Beverly, Baranski made her first appearance in 2009. Within five minutes of her arrival, she has figured out Penny's life story, called Raj and Howard gay and infantilized Leonard. Only Sheldon bonds with her, singing show tunes and reading her lab notes.


As Wyatt, Penny's father from Nebraska, Carradine perfectly mined the part for laughs. In the Nov. 18. 2010, episode Wyatt begs Leonard to take Penny back post break-up. He's the first man she's dated without tattoos, outstanding warrants or a baby, and with a college degree.


In the Jan. 30,2014, ep, Sheldon stalks Jones at a sushi restaurant and they quickly become friends. They prank Fisher by ringing her doorbell and running away, and Jones ultimately invites the gang to Comic-Con as his personal guests.


Sheldon's Bible-quoting mom from Texas was among the first parental guest stars to show up on the sitcom. The sweet lady who said racist things in the nicest way, she was Sheldon's "kryptonite" and the only one who could get him to behave. She also had Sheldon "tested" to see if there was anything wrong with him.


As Professor Proton, the host of a kiddie science show beloved by Sheldon and Leonard who has fallen on bad times, Newhart earned an Emmy for guesting in May 2013. …

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