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Praise, blame and all points in between? Give us your feedback.

The New Internationalist welcomes your letters. But please keep them short. They might be edited for purposes of space or clarity. Letters should be sent to or to your local NI office. Please remember to include a town and country for your address.

Slip of the glyph

Your well-founded polemic against glyphosate (NI 481) would have carried more clout if you'd managed to spell the stuff right. In four out of five references it morphed into glysophate.

Phil Heming Horsmonden, Kent

Windy black hole

Re: 'Why the war on wind?', NI 480. There is a powerful corporate wind-turbine lobby working the Ontario government. Wind-turbine towers get many times more dollars in public subsidies for private corporations than the worth of the energy they deliver, and require more fossil fuel to sustain them than they save. They are a black hole in the public treasury in a time of ever more infrastructural demands while also industrializing the landscape and killing birds and bats in large numbers. Yet greenwash propaganda keeps the looting of the public treasury going with articles like this fitting well to the 'great green energy grab' announced on the cover. The World Health Organization (WHO) now also 'confirms at an epidemiological level an increased health risk from chronic noise annoyance', dependent on the distance from the gigantic turbines.

In contrast, communityowned and -controlled windturbine power generation is far superior because it is better managed by local communities than by transnational corporate lobbies joined at the hip with corporate governments.

John McMurtry Guelph, Canada

While we agree with your point about the problems of corporatedominated green energy (which is what the entire edition was about), we must point out that at present big turbines are far more efficient than small ones in terms of resources required and energy used for the amount of energy generated. - Ed

Unintelligent science

Re: 'Race science rears its ugly head' (NI 480). Academics promoting a link between supposed race and intelligence do not know their subject very well for two reasons. First, every attempt to find an 'intelligence' gene has failed - the best candidate so far accounts for about 0. …

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