Magazine article Sunset

No Place for a Vine? Try a Clematis in a Pot

Magazine article Sunset

No Place for a Vine? Try a Clematis in a Pot

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Greta Garbo had it. Lauren Bacall still does. Like these two famous actresses, large-flowered clematis have an undeniable mystique. Yet these beautiful vines are no hothouse untouchables; they're versatile, obliging, and easy to groweven in containers.

If you have no room for a big robust vine, grow a compact clematis in a pot and train it up a small trellis. Now is the perfect time to start; many are in full bloom this month, so you can readily find the flower colors you want.


Buy a big pot, a bag of potting soil, and a trellis. The pyramid obelisk ($57; pictured on page 66) is available by mail from Kinsman Company (800/7334146). The Scroll Pot trellis ($18.95; pictured above) is available from Park Seed (800/845-3369). Use compact, large-flowered clematis in 1-gallon pots.


Thoroughly water the rootballs before planting. Fill the container halfway with potting mix; blend in a balanced, controlled-release fertilizer. Remove each clematis from its pot. Slightly loosen any roots circling the base of the rootball. …

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