Magazine article Corrections Forum

Late Breaking News

Magazine article Corrections Forum

Late Breaking News

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These important news items came in as we were preparing to print Corrections Forum. To see this late breaking news in its entierty go to

Wave of Civil Asset Forfeiture Reforms Introduced on the Federal and Local Level

On January 16, Attorney General Holder announced a new policy prohibiting federal agency forfeiture, or "adoptions," of assets seized by state and local law enforcement agencies, with a few public safety exceptions...

White House Grounds Penetrated by Potentially Dangerous Drones

In the latest string of White House security breaches, on Monday of this week, a "quadcopter" or 4-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle flew over and then crash-landed on the south grounds of the White House without triggering any security alarms. In fact, the UAV managed to stealthily fly unnoticed by any system in place and wasn't detected until a Secret Service agent spotted it before hurtling to the ground, prompting a lockdown before the area could be deemed safe...

National Institute of Justice adds Body-Worn Camera Page to Website

The NIJ compares the current BWC equipment capabilities available. …

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