Magazine article Sculpture

WASHINGTON, DC: "Interspatial"

Magazine article Sculpture

WASHINGTON, DC: "Interspatial"

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"Interspatial" was the second collaboration of the pop-up curatorial group Quota. Co-founded by Dawne Langford and Avi Gupta, Quota champions a broad definition of cultural diversity beyond notions of otherness and tokenism. Featuring installations by Rachel Schmidt, Johab Silva, and Levester Williams, the show dialogued in clever and unexpected ways with the architecture of Transformer's shotgun gallery, as well as with the changing fabric of the neighborhood. Time became fluid in this malleable context, while space, both imagined and real, stretched to encompass in-between spaces and the jarring boundaries that define them.

The future is now in Schmidt's cautionary fable, Deadliest Catch. Mounted above head height, the sculpture gave an unsettling twist to the phrase "catch of the day" with its allusions to the folly of unbridled urbanization and the impact of population growth on the planet. Roughly hewn wooden boats and tiny high-rise office and condo buildings are crammed inside a fishing net to the point of spilling over. The weathered buildings are meticulously made from collaged photos of existing cities papered onto oblong structures. The buildings and the vessels become surrogates for the countless refugees stuck in flight and for city dwellers caught in existential anonymity.

On the opposite wall, the ghosts of unnamed inmates haunted Williams's Unholy Stains. A sullied, slightly off-white bed sheet stretched over a wooden frame once serviced an adult penitentiary in Virginia; now it reads like a Minimalist painting with a soul. It blended into the white wall with only a few disruptive creases here and there, just as its past had been artfully erased and replaced with an alternate reality. Higher up on the adjacent wall, Williams created an inaccessible niche for an egg-shaped, porcelain object. …

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