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Magazine article In These Times


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Trump's true believers

Theo Anderson's article "Why Evangelicals Flock to Trump" (March) is a fine analysis, exactly the sort of thing that makes In These Times such a salutary antidote to corporate media crapola.

But to label Trump's paranoid rhetoric as "the prophetic style" is a rather grave insult to Amos, Micah, Jeremiah et al. They are still read and revered thousands of years later exactly because their message is one of regeneration through self-examination and moral accountability, a spiritually humbling insight 180 degrees removed from the fear-mongering of the Republicans.

What is needed is a prophetic, spirit-stirring call from the Left attacking not just the symptoms of bigotry and inequality, but the fundamental evil and injustice woven into our dogeat-dog system. Fire must be fought with fire.

Hugh Iglarsh

Skokie, III.

Interesting analysis that the unifying force of the "Christian Right" isn't Christianity itself, but a type of addiction to the prophetic style of storytelling. This makes a lot of sense-I've long thought that Christianity should align more closely to socialism than fascism. But it hugely depends on your definition.

Brian Reindel


This article helps explain so much that those of us in the reality-based world find so baffling and appalling about Trump's intense level of support among his followers. But even after reading it several times, I still cannot fathom why so many "good" Christians would support a man whose vile behavior and foul words they would never countenance from their own family members. …

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