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America Is at War with an Islamist Terrorist Army

Magazine article VFW Magazine

America Is at War with an Islamist Terrorist Army

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"It is an act of war that was committed by a terrorist army, a jihad ist army ... against France," declared French President Francois Hollande after Paris was attacked in November by Islamists.

That army he was referring to is the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, commonly known as ISIS. A self-declared caliphate (a land ruled by an Islamic supreme ruler), it has declared war on all of the West.

It numbers, by some estimates, 25,000 combatants. Its terroristic activities and atrocities are only too well known. A recent United Nations report placed its fatal victims in Iraq alone at 18,000 documented civilians killed and 3 million people displaced during 2014-15.

This is the Orst time in U.S. military history that our troops have confronted a fullledged terrorist army bent on transnational conquest. It is a threat the American people perceive as very real.

A Pew Research Center survey in 2015 revealed that 83% of Americans see ISIS as a major threat. Countering it is an expensive proposition: it costs us $11.2 million per day to wage the air campaign alone.

An ironic twist to all of this is the lack of willingness on the part of our youth to participate in the war. First off, less than 30% of 17- to 24-years-olds would even qualify to enlist in the armed forces. Some 60% of 18- to 29-year-olds support using U.S. ground troops against ISIS. Yet a mere 15% said they would join the military to take part.

Defeating international Islamist terrorism requires manpower. …

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