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Magazine article Variety

Letter from the Editor

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Eating My Words

I hate to break my own rules. 1 hardly think I'm alone in feeling disgusted by the heat-seeking publicity whore that Donald Trump has become during this presidential election cycle. To say that his ubiquitous presence - on television, social media and magazine covers - is repugnant is stating the obvious. What's also indisputable, though embarrassing to confess, is that we in the media are undeniably complicit in creating this Media Monster.

That is precisely why I vowed to myself and to our entire editorial team that I would, and 1 quote, "never, ever put Trump on our cover!"

So, why in the hell did l go against my fierce conviction?

The artwork made me do it.

Originally, the illustration of Trump by artist Anita Kunz was meant to run inside our Hollywood & Politics issue to accompany a story about the celebrity politician.

But when creative director Chris Mihal, art director Chuck Kerr and managing editor Carolyn Horwitz called me in to show me our cover options - including one that we had originally commissioned for that purpose - Kunz's illustration stood out as the most clever and provocative of the bunch.

After all, this was an image created by one of the great illustrators, Kunz, whose many covers for The New Yorker included last year's striking image of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un as a kid in a sandbox playing with his nuclear-weapon arsenal of "new toys."

Her illustration of Trump, as many of you might already know, is an homage to George Lois' satirical 1968 Esquire cover of presidential nominee-to-be Richard Nixon getting made up for his next TV gigafter his disastrous, sweaty appearance on the first-ever televised debate with John Kennedy. …

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