A Century of Bible Christians in the Philippines

Article excerpt

A Century of Bible Christians in the Philippines.

Edited by Anne C. Kwantes. Manila: OMF Literature, 1998. Pp. 286. Paperback. No price given.

1998 marked the centennial of the end of the Spanish occupation of the Philippines, the beginnings of American colonial rule there, and, hence, the opening of the archipelago to Protestantism. Edited by Anne C. Kwantes, an American missionary in Asia for several decades and currently teaching at Asian Theological Seminary in Quezon City, this collection of twenty essays, remembrances, and vignettes celebrates the "Centennial of Biblical Christianity in the Philippines" (ix). Several of these edifying and commemorative accounts of individual preachers and missionaries from different denominations are autobiographical; the children of the protagonists narrate many others.

The five chronological sections of the book describe the progress of Bible Christianity in the country. "Pioneers" describes the earliest movements to promote Protestantism and reading of the Bible in a country where Catholicism had been interwoven with the colonial administration. "When Protestantism Was Established" narrates the lives of early Filipino pastors and their efforts to plant churches. …


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