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Unlimited Range

Magazine article Variety

Unlimited Range

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Christian Slater


"Everytime you get involved with something, it's a risk. You don't know what the outcome is going to be. But I sat down with Sam Esmail and Chad Hamilton and liked them, and it's that leap of faith. You hope for the best. And this particular circumstance, which is rare, seemed to go well."

Christine Baranski


"One of the proudest things for me about The Good Wife' was for seven years presenting a woman who was almost groundbreaking because she really was her own person. She was educated, she was the head of a law firm, she went toe-totoe with the guys, she navigated very difficult waters emotionally and ethically. She was never a cliche, she was never a bitch, and she was never a victim of anybody. She was maybe a victim of circumstance, but aren't we all?"



Tm pretty new to acting, and 'Transparent' is really the first big thing that I've ever done. I've had this kind of amazing experience where it's been joyful and easy to emote in that way. I've always been that guy in my family who everyone's like, 'Can you stop feeling everything so much because it kind of bothers us. all these feelings that you're having.'"

Emilia Clarke


"The naked stuff is always difficult. As an actor, you feel like you have to be the one who comes on and says, 'It's OK. It's not a big deal.' But there's only so much talking and holding your stomach in You're like clench and hold it. try to be badass, do a big speech, and strategically hold a dragon over your lady parts There's a lot to think about."

Jane Krakowski


"I always strived for perfection in my early 20s. Then after this period of reassessing and lack of confidence and insecurity, I embraced my imperfections, and I started getting a lot more work, because my imperfections are what are unique to me. Perfection is an unattainable quality. I think that comes with age, too, but really, exaggerating my imperfections has gotten me a lot more work than striving for perfection."

Jonathan Banks


'I've been playing the character Mike for several years. There are things from 'Breaking Bad' to 'Better Call Saul.' when you see an ashtray that's broken, that has a meaning. You'll run the chance of seeing that five years later. So when they talked to me about doing 'Better Call Saul; they said.'Do you remember when you talked about your son back then? I said. 'Yeah; I never had a hesitation about doing this character again."

Regina King


"I find sometimes with some scenes, like I did on 'The Leftovers.' I had this eight-page scene with Carrie Coon. And it was just she and I. And for us, we felt like the less we talked about it. the better we were going to be in that moment."

Neve Campbell


"The great writing is in television at the moment. It used to be in independent film, but there just isn't the financing for it anymore. You can't get the $12 million budget anymore for an indie. So the great writers have gone to television, because there are so many more vehicles that allow them to do what they want and give them their freedom. And that's where we want to go as actors, where the writers are"

Miranda Otto_


"Film has gotten very safe, it's very compartmentalized about what type of things will be successful. …

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