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Alternate Realities

Magazine article World Literature Today

Alternate Realities

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Alternate Realities

Nin Andrews

Why God Is a Woman

BOA Editions

This collection of poems depicts a magical island where women are the dominant sex. In this world, women have always ruled as man's superiors, subjecting the males to their sexist laws. A young man finds himself exiled from the island, having been unable to live under such an oppressive rule, and bitterly contemplates why God had to be a woman.

André Alexis

Fifteen Dogs

Coach House Books

To pass the time, the gods Hermes and Apollo make a bet on whether or not animals could find true happiness after being given human intelligence. Thus, they give human consciousness and language to a group of dogs and watch as the pack is torn between following the old ways of the dog and embracing the new ways offered by their broadened minds. (See page 56 for a full review.)

Quintan Ana Wikswo

The Hope of Floating Has Carried Us This Far

Coffee House Press

A group of castaways, tired of the burdens of love, lust, and longing, decide to burrow underground and abandon their human forms in order to avoid human suffering. …

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