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Action on Indonesia

Magazine article New Internationalist

Action on Indonesia

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Say NO to Suharto's rich kids


SUHARTO'S FAMILY MEMBERS, plus other Indonesians who got rich during his reign, quietly bought up real estate in Aotearoa/New Zealand. This was first exposed by the Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa who aroused a public outcry against Lilybank Lodge - a luxury hotel and hunting retreat built on the banks of Lake Tekapo which was owned by Suharto's son Tommy. Now the Campaign has discovered that Goldfield Heights, overlooking Queenstown's icy Lake Wakatipu, has attracted a clutch of Indonesia's elite to its shores, including Suharto's middle daughter, Siti Hediati Prabowo ('Titiek') and her husband, the sacked armed forces commander General Prabowo Subianto.

The Campaign wants properties acquired by corrupt Indonesians to be seized. They also comment on the Suhartos: 'This family of thieves presiding over a system of mass murder and institutionalized looting are the ones who should be in the dock, for crimes against the people of Indonesia and for crimes against humanity.'

Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa

PO Box 2258


Tel/Fax: +64 3366 3988.


Amnesty New Zealand

PO Box 793


Tel: +64 4499 3349.

Fax: +64 4499 3505.



Stop British-made slaughter


IN MAY 1997 the new Foreign Secretary Robin Cook said: 'We will not permit the sale of arms to regimes that might use them for internal repression or international aggression.' It seemed reasonable to believe Cook - as early as 1978 he described the sale of British Hawk aircraft to Indonesia as 'particularly disturbing'. But that same month, May 1997, the new government gave the go-ahead to the export of riot-control vehicles and water cannons which were used on unarmed pro-democracy demonstrators in Jakarta.

TV direct-action satirist Mark Thomas broadcast a conversation recorded with Paul Greenwood, director of CS-gas manufacturers Pains Wessex, who says: 'The UK Government don't care. I've had the DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) down... and I've said can I take the order and get somebody else to make it and ship it (and they said) "Yeah that's fine". Just as long as we're not shipping it in the UK they don't give a toss.' The Blair Government had approved 64 new arms contracts to the Indonesian Government by February this year and fewer than 1 per cent of the applications were turned down between August 1997 and August 1998. The Government sent three British Hawk aircraft to Indonesia in September this year. Campaign Against the Arms Trade are keeping up the pressure.

Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT)

11 Goodwin Street

Finsbury Park

London N4 3HQ.

Tel: +44 171 281 0297.

Fax: +44 171 281 4369.



Amnesty UK

99-119 Rosebery Avenue

London EC1R 4RE.

Tel: +44 171 814 6200.

Fax: +44 171 833 1510.



Down to Earth

PO Box 218

London SE5 7LU.

Tel/Fax: +44 1508 471413.



111 Northwood Road

Thornton Heath

Surrey CR7 8HW.

Tel: +44 181 771 2904.

Fax: +44 181 653 0322.



Demand change in the tourism industry


THOUSANDS OF AUSTRALIANS travel to Bali each year. But most put their money into the pockets of Suharto's cronies who own many of the luxury hotels or international corporations rather than helping the locals. Although millions of tourism dollars are poured into Bali, in the words of one Balinese; 'The people here mainly think about how they are going to eat tomorrow. …

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