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Magazine article Information Today


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You need to stay on task and finish your work, not shop on the internet,

8th-floor decision: An expression that refers to the 8th floor at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), where the commissioners' offices and meeting rooms are located. Decisions made on the 8th floor have a profound effect on the internet and new communication services.

on task: It refers to doing what you're supposed to be doing or working exclusively on a necessary task.

ohnosecond (aka attachment, as in "I meant to attach that") : The fraction of time it takes to realize you've just goofed; for example, right after you hit the Send button on an email and realize you forgot to include the attachment

utility computing: A service model in which the provider offers computing resources and infrastructure management that are available as needed

wapplet: A tiny piece of content formatted for a WAP environment, such as a wireless handheld email device or an internet-enabled cellphone

warez (pronounced: wears) : This word is considered by many users to be a catchall term for software that includes firmware, freeware, everyware, groupware, malware, shareware, shoveIware, vaporware, wankware, and wetware. …

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