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Apples of Our Eye

Magazine article Sunset

Apples of Our Eye

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Nutty, salty, and sweet, this hearty salad is best with apples that soften when cooked but still hold their shape.


1 1/2 cups pearled or semipearled farro (also called perlalo farro)*

1 3/4 tsp. kosher salt, divided

1 cup roughly chopped flat-leaf parsley leaves

2 tbsp. fresh thyme leaves

8 oz. halloumi cheese, cut into 1/3-in.-thick slices

3 tbsp. olive oil, divided

2 tender-sweet apples, such as Gravenstein, Gala, or Ginger Gold, unpeeled and cut into ½-in.-wide wedges

2 tsp. sugar


5 tbsp. lemon juice

1 tbsp. honey

1 large shallot, finely chopped

½ tsp. kosher salt

¼ cup extra-virgin olive oil

1. Make salad: Combine 1 qt. water, the farro, and IV2 tsp. salt in a 3- to 4-qt. Â saucepan. Bring to a boil over high heat, then cover, reduce heat to low, and simmer until farro is tender, 25 to 30 minutes. Drain farro and spread on a baking sheet to cool and dry at least 5 minutes. Transfer to a serving bowl, add parsley and thyme, and toss to combine.

2. Make dressing: In a small bowl, whisk together lemon juice, honey, shallot, and salt. Whisk in oil in a thin stream. Pour over farro mixture and toss well to coat.

3. Pat halloumi dry. Set a 12-in. frying pan (not nonstick) over medium-high heat. Add 1 tbsp. oil, heat for a minute, then add halloumi in a single layer. Cook, turning once, until golden brown, P/2 to 4 minutes total. Transfer cheese to a work surface and cut into 72- to 3A-in. pieces.

4. Wipe out frying pan with a paper towel, then add remaining 2 tbsp. oil and return to medium-high heat. Add apples and remaining 1 2/a tsp. salt. Cook, stirring, 2 minutes. Add sugar and cook, turning apples occasionally, until golden and tender, 5 to 9 minutes.

5. Transfer apples to work surface and cut in half crosswise. Toss apples and halloumi with farro mixture. Serve warm or at room temperature.

* Find farro, a type of wheat berry, at wellstocked grocery stores. Most farro sold today is semipearled, a process that removes some of the bran for quicker cooking. If the package instructions call for soaking overnight, you have whole-grain farro and will also need to cook it longer-usually 45 minutes to an hour.

PER 1 1/2-CUP SERVING 484 Cal., 49% (236 Cal.) from fat; 15 g protein; 27 g fat (8 h sat.); 50 g carbo (7 g fiber); 993 mg sodium; 28 mg chol. V



The seasoning blend called Chinese five-spice adds a wann note without pushing the apples into pie territory, and the apples are tart enough to balance the flavor too. Roasting ingredients together on a sheet pan saves time and reduces cleanup.

1 small fennel bulb with feathery stalks

¾ lb. sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into ¼-in. slices

1 ¼ tsp. kosher salt, divided

½ tsp. pepper, divided

1 medium red onion, cut lengthwise into 1/3-in.-wide slices ~

2 large firm-tart apples, such as Ida Red, Sierra Beauty, or Granny Smith, unpeeled, sliced into '/4-in. wedges

6 bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs (2 ¾ lbs. total)

2 tbsp. salted butter, melted

1 tsp. honey

1 ½ tsp. Chinese five-spice

1. Preheat oven to 425°. Cut off fennel stalks and reserve feathery leaves. Trim base of bulb and any tough outer layers. Halve bulb lengthwise, cut out core in a V, and cut bulb lengthwise into slim wedges.

2. Oil a large rimmed baking sheet and arrange sweet potatoes and fennel in a single layer. Sprinkle with 'A tsp. …

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