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Amusing, interesting, and provocative comments from the field of education

"Instead of trying to measure cognitive performance in some rarefied sphere, measure it with tasks socially and culturally appropriate for the student.... [W]hen testing Eskimo children, we asked them about hunting, gathering, and fishing because those are activities they actually did in their lives."

- robert Sternberg, cornell University professor of human development, "Alternative Measures of intelligence," School Administrator, April 2016.

"You want to be supportive, but telling kids they did a nice job after poor speeches isn't support. It is failing to give them needed help."

- Erik Palmer, @erik_palmer

"It is important for my students to have a role model and know that I have walked in their shoes. I'm not here just to teach curriculum, but to help my students realize that they can succeed and that they can have the same dreams and aspirations as others."

- John Miller, a teacher of language arts to students with autism in a mainstream setting at Watson B. …

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