Magazine article Times Higher Education

Grant Winners

Magazine article Times Higher Education

Grant Winners

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Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

Research grants

Award winner: Angela Busse

Institution: University of Glasgow

Value: £100,764

Fluid dynamic properties of irregular, multi-scale rough surfaces

Award winner: Petra Nordqvist

Institution: University of Manchester

Value: £374,587

Curious connections: the impact of donating egg and sperm on donors' everyday life and relationships

Award winner: Steven Gao

Institution: University of Kent

Value: £361,127

Lead niobate-based tunable dielectrics for smart microwave and millimetre-wave systems

Award winner: Joseph Betouras

Institution: Loughborough University

Value: £349,710

Controlling unconventional properties of correlated materials by Fermi surface topological transitions and deformations

Award winner: Saul Jacka

Institution: University of Warwick

Value: £316,491

Coupling and control in continuous time

National Institute for Health Research

Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation programme

Award winner: David Jayne

Institution: University of Leeds

Value: £1,885,924

Intact: intraoperative fluorescence angiography to prevent colorectal anastomotic leak

Award winner: Philippa Garety

Institution: King's College London

Value: £1,300,255

A randomised controlled trial to evaluate the outcomes and mechanisms of a novel digital reasoning intervention for persecutory delusions

Economic and Social Research Council

Research grants

Award winner: Ainhoa Montoya

Institution: University of London

Value: £132,841

The legal cultures of the subsoil: the judicialisation of environmental politics in Central America

Award winner: Kärg Kama

Institution: University of Oxford

Value: £149,196

Geo-logics and geo-politics: the collective governance of European shale gas development

Award winner: Jorge Vinuales

Institution: University of Cambridge

Value: £578,903

BRIDGE - building resilience in a dynamic global economy: complexity across scales in the food-water-energy nexus


Award winner Alan Fernihough

Institution Queen's University Belfast

Value £149,674

The causes and consequences of the Great Irish Famine

Was early 19th-century Ireland overpopulated and fertility at an unsustainable level, or did other factors cause the Great Irish Famine? …

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