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A Trip Down the Information Highway

Magazine article Phi Kappa Phi Forum

A Trip Down the Information Highway

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ADA I was a lady, moored to a desk.

Eight-inch, 80K floppies in two slots

controlled her devices and stored documents.

She weighed more than 1 did and she knew less.

She was sufficient.

ADA II had her own brain, one megabyte.

She obeyed my commands right or wrong.

What I put in came out in amber on

a black screen. She didn't talk, balk, or fight.

Her information is trapped inside/ five-inch diskettes.

ADA III: A mouse on a pad meant fewer keystrokes to learn

Work saved on those old three-inch disks disappeared.

Now I print what's important. ADA IV

brought Internet access and weathered the Y2K storm.

CD drives came next.

The twenty-first century isn't passing me by.

Going from floppy to flash to cyberspace only,

I call my new computer SIRI not ADA.

Her keys are so small that I want to cry.

I'll master the touch.

A grandson gives me a watch. He tells me,

"Grandma, it's fun." I decide to decline.

This gadget's too much. "Dear grandson,

I'm grateful, but I need a watch I can see."

Don't blame the era - Hypatia could Friend her.

I caution the generation they call millennial:

When I was your age, I wrote cursive script

on paper with pen and dialed a rotary phone. …

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