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Constance Wu

Magazine article Variety

Constance Wu

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'Test me. Try me. I will kill it for you. I am never above auditioning'

As the star of ABC's '90s-set family comedy "Fresh off the Boat" Constance Wu has emerged as one of the most critically acclaimed leading ladies on TV The show's third season launches this week, with an episode filmed partly on location in Taiwan.

How does it feel to be heading into season three?

When you start out as an actor, you try to establish a history for your character so all your choices have some roots. Now, not only do I have the history I created with my imagination, but I also have the history of playing her. It feels a little bit more intuitive for me.

How was filming in Taiwan?

The crew was wonderful; we brought a skeleton crew from America and used a lot of local talent. It was fun for me as an actor to navigate this experience of my character going back to her homeland but realizing her home has evolved into something else, and also still having an appreciation of her childhood home. That had some real strong ties to the immigrant story.

How has it been watching your young co-stars, like Hudson Yang, 12, grow up these past few years?

It's opened up my memories of what I was like when I was that age. I started in the theater when I was Hudson's age. I remember how things felt. It's awakened a dormant compassion in me, which I think is always good for any actor or artist. The richer your compassion and empathy is, the more reach you have.

Do they ever ask you to explain the show's '90s pop-culture references?

They don't ask me; they have an acting coach they'll ask. …

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