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Getting Your Baby to (and Back to) Sleep

Magazine article Work & Family Life

Getting Your Baby to (and Back to) Sleep

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Getting your baby to (and back to) sleep

If you or anyone in your family is expecting a baby, or has just had one, this is the book to read. It's full of upbeat, easyto-apply advice on how to support your baby's natural sleep behavior and get some sleep yourself.

Elizabeth Pantley, author of The No'Cry Sleep Solution for Newborns, has also written The No'Cry Sleep Solution and The No'Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers.

If you just open this book at random, you will immediately find useful advice on how to avoid things that trick you into disrupting a baby's sleep, tips to reduce night wakenings and things that reduce the risk of SIDS, for example. To make the author's ideas easy to understand and to follow, they were field-tested by 122 families with newborns.

Pantley puts forward 15 keys to "amazing newborn sleep," as she calls it. Among other things you'll learn how to read your baby's sleepy signals, how to ensure adequate daily naps and begin to develop a bedtime routine.

You don't have to keep logs or follow schedules or rules. Just by being aware of this information you will do things to improve sleep that you wouldn't have known to do otherwise

The author takes on many of the questions moms and dads are asking these days. …

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