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Matthew McConaughey GOLD & Jeff Bridges HELL OR HIGH WATER

Magazine article Variety

Matthew McConaughey GOLD & Jeff Bridges HELL OR HIGH WATER

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Matthew McConaughey: Jeff Bridges. How are you, man? I feel like I met you - or at least we've hung out many times. But then if I look at my calendar of 47 years, this is our first time.

Jeff Bridges: But don't you find that with actors? I don't know what is it - a club, a fraternity, a sorority, or whatever you want to call it. Not all actors, but most, you just link up because you have so much in common.

McConaughey: Maybe we were brothers from another mother somewhere, another life. And I do feel that there is a fraternity with actors. But you, in particular and specifically, I felt like, "I know that guy, I met him." I've also grown up watching your movies, all the way back to "Against All Odds" and "King Kong." Probably part of the reason I felt a kindred spirit to you is I played a character early in my career - first film - a guy named David Wooderson in "Dazed and Confused."

Bridges: Yeah, "Dazed and Confused."

McConaughey: The Dude goes with you. Some people come up to me and say the first part of my "Dazed" line, and I'll say the second half back. And those are my favorite fans. And people will come up, obviously, to you, quote the Dude and stuff like that all the time. How does that feel?

Bridges: Oh, well, I love that, man! I'm such a fan of that movie. What a good movie. Whether I was in it or not, it would probably be one of my favorite movies. So any kind of recognition from that movie, I never get tired of it. Shit, I have a band, man, we're called the Abiders!

McConaughey: So not only are you putting up with it, you're going, "Let's turn it up!"

Bridges: I had my Beatles moment, man. We went to a Lebowski Fest, and we showed up and played. That's my Beatles moment, playing to a sea of Dudes and bowling pins, you know?

McConaughey: I was damn sure that was going to be your answer - that you were just going to go, "Oh, I love it!" But that wouldn't be everybody's answer, you know? There are some people that go, "I'm tired of them asking me to play my greatest hits."

Bridges: It's such a good movie. Those guys. This is the kind of thing I admire in acting or directing - where you don't see the effort; it's just like falling off a log. It's bold. Your performance in "Gold" is quite bold, but it seems like it's no big deal, you know?

McConaughey: Tell me about that, making it look easy. Because you make it look really easy. I've heard people tell me, "McConaughey, you make it look easy. …

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