Magazine article IAJRC Journal

The Pres' Message

Magazine article IAJRC Journal

The Pres' Message

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Important: Please Read This First!

IAJRC faces some major challenges. Uppermost are concerns about the decline in membership over the past few years and the corollary concern about the shrinkage of dues income that renewals bring in. Without being alarmist, if this trend continues, IAJRC as an organization created and dedicated to serving jazz record collectors since 1964 will face the prospect of not surviving. We need every member to make sure this does not happen! As of the latest figures on renewals, our membership now stands below 350. Further, we are not attracting new members, especially young members! It just isn't happening, and its anybody's guess if we ever will! If renewals had come through as anticipated for 2015 and 2016, we would not be in this negative position. To counter this trend, we will be making multiple concerted appeals to get past members to renew. But don't wait for us to contact you. If you have not renewed for 2016, please do so now! Another thing: Renewals are by calendar year, not if you have renewed at any other time. For example, if you renewed for 2015 last June, it does not follow your membership is up for renewal in June 2016. All memberships were up for renewal by January 1,2016.

Subscription issues, replacement issues, and back issues. If you renew at any time after the first of the year, you are entitled to receive issues you did not receive providing there are issues available. This is especially true if you slapped a renewal year and now want to get a full year's back issues you may have missed. It's not going to happen! Replacement issues are for those lost or damaged by the USPS. Upon your informing Shelley Finke in a timely fashion, IAJRC will replace lost or damaged issues should replacements be available. We set aside extra copies from each print ran but we have no "overage" to draw from. We can't send what we ain't got! Back issues are those intended to fill a gap in your collection. The cost to you is $6.00 per issue. This doesn't even cover the actual printing cost of an issue, which is about $7.35 a copy. For details on costs, services, and whom to contact, please see the inside back cover of an issue of the Journal or the IAJRC website.

These and other matters were discussed by members of the IAJRC Board and Trustees at a meeting Saturday, January 15, 2016 in Indianapolis as part of the annual Indy record bash. Treasurer Ian Tiele submitted a Treasurer's report that showed a negative balance of $6455 for fiscal 2015. This includes about $400 spent mailing copies of June and September to members who did not receive them. We are asking our mailing house to help identify the problems that resulted in members not receiving copies even though complete sets of up-to-date labels were provided for both mailings.

Marketing IAJRC. Although not having an official title. Trustee Sally Fee acts as our marketing manager. She is the very effective "face" and "voice" of IAJRC, the person responsible for representing us at no less than seven jazz events in 2015, plus monthly meetings of the Michigan Jazz Collectors. At these events, she has complimentary copies of the Journal available and Membership fliers, which she has created and had printed. She "talks up" IAJRC and our Journal every chance she gets, and we owe a lot to her for these efforts! Being a career schoolteacher (now retired), she has developed the skill set and wann personality that immediately connects with people. In short, a great marketing asset!

Reimbursements for IAJRC expenses. If you have spent money out of pocket to cover expenses on behalf of IAJRC, submit a photocopy of receipts to Ian Tiele and a set to me, Geoff Wheeler. …

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