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Magazine article Variety

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Mark Osborne


"I wanted to let the book stay small, and I wanted to let it drive the movie and be the heart of the movie, but I wanted to tell a larger story about the power of the book, and that needed to stay very close to the book, and be sort of born out of the elements of the book. That turned out to be I think the biggest challenge."

Conrad Vernon


"We definitely went back to a Bob Clampett-style of animation. We had the rubber hose arms with the giant Mickey Mouse gloves, and the floppy Don Martin feet. But we also, you know when they would fall and stuff, we created multi-arms and wipes and things you'd see in a Chuck Jones cartoon."

Mike Mitchell


"The technology's gotten so sophisticated that you can make things look real. We wanted to make things look handmade, and made out of, instead of grass, we had carpet, and our trees were felted, and the characters, instead of skin, were like Gummy Bears flocked in velvet. And we hired artists to build forests out of felt."

Garth Jennings


"We have four children, and my wife gave up her job to raise our kids, and then when she tried to go back, it was really tricky, for all kinds of reasons. The fact that it seemed like the world was closed to her, that she felt like she was too old, huge ups and downs, a crisis of confidence. ... And it was it was going through that with her that inspired the character Rosita. ...There are scenes in the film where Rosita is trying to talk to her husband, and her children are eating at the table, and they can hardly hear each other, and those were recorded at my dinner table with four children. …

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