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Magazine article In These Times


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How to resist?

When I saw the label "handbook" I thought the articles would include tips, suggestions or instructions for activists who want to organize ("Handbook for the Resistance," January).

'The authors do a good job outlining the problems were going to have to deal with, but the articles are frustratingly vague with regard to what resistance actually looks like. I understand activism shouldn't he "top-down" and should take into consideration local context, but there's no discussion of strategy or methodology.

If you don't spell out what resistance looks like, people are going to default to ineffective forms of activism.

Andy Ridgeway


Identifying equality

Salim Muwakkil provides a well-balanced summary of the debate over identity politics ("'Identity Politics'Takes a Hit," January). He expertly assesses whether Clinton's defeat was attributable to her "targeted marketing" strategy designed to appeal to various marginalized groups, as contrasted with the more inclusive approach advocated by Bernie Sanders.

But while equality for all oppressed groups must of course be high on the Left's agenda, in the end-as Martin Luther King notedenduring social progress is going to require transcending racial, gender and other such divides in pursuit of the greater good.

David Katz

Silver Spring, Md.

If only folks can come to realize this issue is not a zero sum, either/or proposition- it is this and that! Given that this country was "founded" on identity politics-an economic caste system broken down further by ethnicity- it will take a multi-pronged approach to attack such a system. …

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