Magazine article National Association of School Psychologists. Communique

The President's Strands: Small Steps Change Lives

Magazine article National Association of School Psychologists. Communique

The President's Strands: Small Steps Change Lives

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This year's presidential theme, "Small Steps Change Lives," seeks to highlight (a) the ways in which school psychologists can and do work successfully within constraints of current educational law, regulation, procedures, and practices to shape systems change and promote positive outcomes; and (b) the small steps that both school psychologists and students themselves can take to progress toward their goals. The seemingly ever-increasing set of demands in schools, too often combined with shrinking resources, can make it feel impossible to meet the diverse and growing needs of students. We sometimes lose sight of the very significant positive changes that accrue from the small actions we take on a daily basis.

NASP President Melissa A. Reeves has identified two strands to feature the various aspects of this work. Strand 1 : Cultural and Linguistic Diversity- Small Steps, Big Impact includes sessions that highlight the specific steps and strategies to support diverse student populations, such as urban, military, immigrant, refugee, and LGBTQ+ students. Strand 2: The Empowerment of Change-One Step at a Time encompasses sessions that focus on making a positive impact on the contexts in which children learn and the systems that shape that those contexts. Both strands include sessions that help empower us to facilitate change at the individual, school, district, state, or national levels. Small steps can lead to big changes!


MS263: Discussing and Addressing Privilege and Poverty in Schools

MS260: Strategies for Supporting Transgender and Gender Diverse Students in Schools

MS217: School-Based Counselingfor Refugee and Immigrant Students

MS194: Comprehensive Bilingual Evaluations: Model Development and Implications for Practice

PA226: Meeting the Needs of Muslim Students in the United States

PA380: Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports and Achievement in Rural Schools

SS031: Military Connected Youth: Enhancing Services for Children

S Y 014: Disproportionality: A Racial Justice Perspective and Practice Recommendations


MS088: Socially Just Family Engagement in Urban Schools: Frameworks, Examples, Resources

MS198: Be the Change: Advocacy Skills in Action

MS068: Empowering Practitioners to Advocate for Crisis Prevention and Intervention Protocol

MS212: Advocatingfor School Psychologists as Mental and Behavioral Health Providers

PA154: Improving Student Outcomes Through School-Based Restorative Justice Practices

PA012: Explore for More: Enhancing Student Literacy Through a School-Family-University Initiative

SY019: Facilitating Systems-Level Change as a School-Based Practitioner

SY006: Small Steps Make Meaningful Change in Transforming Urban Schools

These sessions are among the more than 1,300 sessions at the convention in San Antonio. …

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