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Rob Long

Magazine article Variety

Rob Long

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"President Trump is what you get when you put the talent in charge."

Let's all take a deep breath, because this is really happening, and moaning about it isn't going to make it better. On the one hand, yes, it's going to be a difficult and slightly sickening four years, but on the other hand, if we're really being honest with ourselves, we have to admit that a big part of Hollywood's reaction to President Donald J. Trump - still can't write that without stopping for a moment to double-check; yeah, it happened, moving on - has its origin in nothing other than snobbery. I'm referring not only to his taste in home decor (which a fancy Bel-Air acquaintance of mine described, with a haughty sniff, as "Persian Fantasia"), but also to the fact that the next president doesn't come from features, premium cable, ad-supported cable, streaming, or even scripted broadcast television. He's from the unscripted side, the lowest of low-rent television.

I'm a Republican (sort of), so maybe I'm predisposed to look on the bright side of any Republican administration, even one that's run by a Democrat. But it seems to me that if there's any community that knows how to deal with irrational, misinformed narcissists with way too much power, it's us.

President Donald J. Trump is the insane director you hired so you could get the actor you wanted, and you're just waiting and hoping that the footage you're seeing from the location can somehow, in editing, get stitched together into something usable. President Trump is the movie star you need to get the money for the project, but the movie star has decided to rewrite the script over the weekend, and the reports you're getting back about the new pages are alarming. President Trump is the actor starring in your series who is going to make your life miserable for the next four years. President Trump is what you get when you put the talent in charge.

I mean, he's probably going to be worse than that, but it's not like he's utterly outside of the Hollywood context. Petty, emotionally unstable behavior isn't exactly unknown in the 818, 310, and 323 area codes. Score-settlers, braggarts, and braying egomaniacs are almost certainly within arm's reach of you right at this minute. …

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