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Magazine article Variety


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Anya Taylor-Joy


"I think there's definitely a desire from the audience to be shown characters who are complex - not one-dimensional and not stereotypes. That obviously extends to women, but also just to human beings in general. ... No person is black or white; they live in the gray. So I think people are really thirsting to watch characters like that on screen, and luckily we get to play them."

1 Dolores Huerta


"We want to bring that light of justice to every corner we possibly can so that people don't feel hopeless, and they don't feel like, 'Well there's nothing I can do about this situation - my situation, the world's situation.' No. There is a lot, but it begins with each of us as individuals. I hope that this is what the documentary tells."

2 Jenny Slate


"It's funny, because in our movie people really misbehave and do things that are really hurtful in deep ways. I'm not saying that before we had iPhones and Twitter we didn't do things that really, really broke people's hearts, that we didn't betray each other - that's part of human behavior. But there's an intimacy that's been lost, in the sense of trust and also a sense of indulgence in our behavior, that really, actively bothers me."

3 Kristen Stewart


"I've wanted to make movies since I was 10 years old. I grew up with a family who was really devoted to that, and I sort of idolized them. I kind of needed someone to be like, 'You absolutely have this.' I've worked with such incredibly talented people who are just compulsive artists who I've watched just gun it. So I think maybe that contributed to the time that it took to get myself to do this."

4 Elle Fanning


"I was homeschooled for a while, until I was 9, and then I was like, 'I have no friends, Mom, that are my own age. I need to go to a regular high school and experience this.' And I did, and I'm so glad that I did, 'cause I got to go to proms. I think it's important to kind of keep those things separate. I kind of keep it balanced and separate."

5 Mary J. Blige


"The film to me, it spoke loudly. Because the beautiful thing is when people discover they really need each other more than they know. Love is colorless. Especially right now, we're discovering that no matter what color you are, we're in this together. At some point we're going to end up having to help each other and find out we have so much in common - which is love.

6 Salma Hayek


"I think the [Women's March was] a form of communication, and I think, in time, I hope that President Trump will see it for what it was. He keeps talking about how he's going to be the president for America, and he's gonna do well for America, and I think the beautiful thing about the march - it's America saying, 'We are America.'"

7 Peter Dinklage


"'Rememory' is about, well, it's a mystery, so we cannot give too much away. But at its heart, it's about searching your memories for the truth of your past, and is that a healthy thing to some people and unhealthy to others? And what do we do when confronted with the truth of our past, rather than what we fabricate as the years go on to protect ourselves."

8 Al Gore


"There are very deep themes in this movie. There's humor, there's passion, there's science, and there's hope. The climate crisis can be a forbidding topic if you allow yourself to sink into despair. …

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