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Magazine article In These Times


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The blame game

The Left failed to understand what this election was really about: the Supreme Court ("Does the Left Bear Any Blame for Trump?", February). After Trump replaces Scalia, we will all feel the impact of rulings detrimental to women's rights, criminal justice reform, voting rights and other civil rights issues.

Warren (Terry) McEvoy


No, the neoliberals are to blame. They've championed so many wrong-headed right-wing policies and rigged the Democratic Party process in so many ways that people feel betrayed and abandoned. This decades-long trend ensures that the 99% have little choice regarding basic economic and foreign policies in many, if not most, general elections.

Mike Hersh


A bigger fix

We don't need marginal electoral strategies-we need a majoritarian progressive movement that can make policy ("Fixing Electoral Mechanics," February). That's a daunting challenge, but there are no short cuts.

Chris Nielsen


Rex Americana

Antonia Juhasz certainly got the details on Rex Tillerson ("The United States of Exxon," February). My hope is that the Trump administration will overreach so far that it'll crash and burn.

Sandy Steubing


Bern still felt

Bernie Sanders, this is why so many people supported you ("Corporate Media Threatens Our Democracy," February). As you describe, the interests of the corporate media are at odds with the interests of the people. Pulling the strings are a wealthy elite who have abandoned any pretense of democracy. …

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