Magazine article Public Sector

Quality, Quantity. and Infrastructure

Magazine article Public Sector

Quality, Quantity. and Infrastructure

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Malcolm Alexander

Chief Executive of Local Government New Zealand

Malcolm Alexander, who has a professional background In Infrastructure and Is currently Chief Executive of Local Government New Zealand, says that New Zealand needs to address together and In an Integrated fashion the allocation rules for water, the quality standards to be attained, and the "3 waters" infrastructure and funding needs to deliver those standards.

"As a country, until recent times we haven't needed to worry too much about access to water, but in areas where we're seeing rapid growth we're beginning to see pressure on our water resources. The issues are compounded when a community's appetite for Increased water quality standards are factored Into the equation.

"From my perspective, It's critical that we work across government, communities and Industry to find cost-effective solutions that have community buy-ln. In this regard the Land and Water Forum has done some really good work In getting stakeholders working together In freshwater management, but there's more work to be done, particularly on the Infrastructure front."

Alexander says one of the big challenges facing communities Is funding the Infrastructure that will be required.


"We can't put it all on local government and expect ratepayers to pay for everything," he says. "We need to look at the changing types of use, for example, increased tourism in some areas, which can bring economic benefits, but which can also strain resources. …

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