Magazine article Dance Teacher

Theater Glossary

Magazine article Dance Teacher

Theater Glossary

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Terms Your Students Should Know

A recital is a great performance experience for your future stars. Be sure they know the professional stage terms-post this list somewhere they'll see it!

Downstage The section of the stage nearest the audience.

Upstage The section of the stage furthest from the audience.

Stage left The dancer's left, when facing the audience.

Stage right The dancer's right, when facing the audience.

Backstage The parts of a theater that lie behind the back wall of the stage setting, including dressing rooms and green rooms.

Wings The sides of the stage, often flanked by drapes, out of sight of the audience.

Proscenium arch The arch framing the opening between the stage and the audience; the picture frame through which the audience sees the stage.

Stage apron The part of the stage in front of the proscenium arch. …

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