Researchers Find Growing Number of HIV Cases at North Carolina Colleges

Article excerpt


Researchers are alarmed by a recent outbreak of the HIV virus among college students in North Carolina in which 53 male students - most of them Black - have contracted the virus.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and state researchers say the figures for the first time in two decades of HIV research identify college campuses as high-transmission areas for the virus that causes AIDS.

"This is a first indication that there may be a resurgence of HIV happening in a vulnerable population, in this case young Black men in the South," says Dr. Christopher Pilcher, a co-author of the report and an assistant professor at the UNC-Chapel Hill medical school. "We think this is a clear indication that more attention should be focused on HIV prevention and education."

Researchers made the discovery after checking the results of a new HIV test that county health departments and private clinics started to give this past November. The new tests can detect HIV within two weeks of infection instead of about three months with traditional tests.

Over three months of the new test found that five people in the Triangle were infected with HIV. …


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