Magazine article National Defense

Post-Military Job Searchers Must Tally Benefits Package

Magazine article National Defense

Post-Military Job Searchers Must Tally Benefits Package

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Departing members of the armed services seeking civilian employment should determine a marketable salary figure for their new career s by taking into account the entire benefits package they previously received, says David G. Henderson in his book, "Job Search, Marketing Your Military Experience."

Personnel leaving the military with less than 20 years of service should replace their salary and non-taxable allowances-- this includes a variable housing allowance, basic allowance for quarters and basic allowance for subsistence-when considering a job offer, he says.

Those service-members retiring after 20 years should account for retirement income when looking at job offers. The difference between retired and active duty pay will be a baseline for negotiations-in order to get as close to current active-duty pay as possible, says Henderson.

Service members also should determine how much money is needed to maintain a standard of living similar to what they had at the peak of their military career, says Henderson. "Although a civilian salary provides compensation for annual vacation medical and insurance benefits, the level of compensation for paid vacation and the medical benefits package may be much lower" than those offered by the military.

Henderson also says that the nontaxable allowances-for housing and subsistence-will be hard to replace. "Civilian salaries, or compensation packages, normally do not include any housing, subsistence, or cost of living (COLA) allowances," he notes.

It also would be beneficial, Henderson says, to establish a monetary value for the health care plan offered by the military, so that adequate comparison with other employers' packages can be made. …

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