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State Criminal Alien Assistance Program

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State Criminal Alien Assistance Program

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Today as many agencies are battling a budget crunch, the Fiscal Year 1999 State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP), can offer financial relief.

Who is Eligible?

States and localities with correctional facilities that incarcerate or detain, for 72 hours or longer, persons accused or convicted of crimes are eligible to apply for SCAAP funds. The phrase "states and localities" encompasses the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and nearly 3,000 counties and cities with jail facilities. These jurisdictions may apply for program funds or may, by formal delegation, allow their correctional agencies to apply directly for funding.

Getting An Application

All eligible jurisdictions are directly notified of the availability of funds and application materials. Applications will be mailed directly to FY 1998 award recipients. All other potential applicants must request the SCAAP Guidance and Application Kit by calling the U.S. Department of Justice Response Center.

How Do We Apply?

All applicants who did not receive awards under the FY 1998 SCAAP are required to submit both the application form and inmate data in accordance with the following criteria: applicants must submit a one-page scannable application form that includes information on inmates claimed and costs incurred. Applicants are requested to count every foreign-born inmate processed by their facilities during the reporting period used for the FY 1998 cycle (July 1, 1997, through June 30, 1998). Information about inmates who are being claimed as possible qualifying aliens, including length of stay, must be provided by applicants in a specified format that can be compared to INS records. Applicants will be given credit for a percentage of inmates whose eligibility cannot be determined through a positive match with INS records.

The actual cost of incarceration for each inmate per day in the applicant's jurisdiction is reported as part of the formal application. Cost calculations are based on financial records kept by the jurisdiction and include overhead costs as well as costs directly associated with inmate upkeep. Only routine operating expenditures may be included. Applicants must also deduct any payments received from other jurisdictions to cover costs of housing inmates and should include any payments made to other jurisdictions to house their inmates.

Application Format

BJA provides applicants with a preprogrammed diskette for direct entry of inmate data. This system accommodates applicants with small inmate populations and applicant facilities that are not fully automated. …

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