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Do you support the tax bill?

During the last week in July, 324 WORKFORCE ONLINE members expressed their views on the House Republicans' tax bill.

Are you in favor of the proposed $800 billion tax cut, which includes chopping corporate capital gains taxes, repealing the alternative minimum tax, and reducing personal income taxes?

No: 53%

Yes: 41%

Not sure yet: 6%

Play pundit: What do you think will happen to this proposal?

The President will negotiate with both parties in Congress and sign a compromise bill: 64%

The two parties will bicker over it and it will never get passed: 31%

It will get passed as is: 5%

Here are some comments that members posted on the News Poll bulletin board:

"I still don't like the progressive tax set up so that I pay more in taxes than someone else who probably uses more services provided by the government than I do. I make more money now because I'm more qualified than others to do the job. So why do I have to pay more taxes?"

Cheryl Carroll

Design Concepts Inc.

Madison, Wisconsin

"I worked hard for my success, but I still consider myself fortunate and I believe it is my responsibility to pay more. Yes, that includes progressively more."

Bob Piantedosi


Wilmington, Massachusetts

"If history is our teacher, the Republicans will pass the tax cut; Clinton will demagogue it, veto it, and the Republicans will back down like whipped dogs. It's a shame that the Republican leaders in the Congress don't seem to have the backbone to stand up for what they know is right for the country and its citizens."

Ed Johnson


Charlotte, North Carolina

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