Magazine article The Spectator

Read and Weep

Magazine article The Spectator

Read and Weep

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he second best news of last month's follies was the Yugoslav Justice Ministry's order that Bill Clinton and other top Western leaders appear in court and face warcrimes charges. The best news was Abdul Rahim Muslim Dost's reward of L72 for the head of the Draft Dodger. For any of you that may have missed it, Abdul is an Afghan scholar who, in retaliation for the 3 million Uncle Sam has offered for the capture of Osama Bin Laden, has put up his own reward. `It is little, but in my view his head is not worth more,' was the way the very wise Abdul put it.

I couldn't agree more. Offering millions of pounds for the head of a worthless liar like Clinton is inflationary. It debases a currency and can lead to a run on the Bank of England. Just look what happened to Iranian cash the moment they offered millions for the head of Salman Rushdie. People are not fools and they knew that Rushdie's skull was vastly overrated. But back to the second best news.

The ministry is issuing subpoenas for Clinton, Albright, Cohen, Blair, Chirac, Schroeder, Solana, Wesley Clark, plus the defence and foreign ministers of Britain, France and Germany. This is the way it should be. Especially in the case of Clinton and his poodle Blair, two men whose underpants would turn brown if they heard a real shot fired in anger, but were Bomber Harris-like in their pursuit of violence against helpless civilians from 15,000 feet up. Let me remind you what the Great Liar said when Boris Yeltsin unleashed his brutal war against Chechnya: 'I compare the Russian president's actions to those of Abraham Lincoln fighting to preserve the Union.'

If any of you have doubts about how base Bill Clinton can be, read the above and weep. Needless to say, when Milosevic fought to preserve the Yugoslav union it was compared to the Holocaust. Kosovo is sacred to the Serbs, whereas Chechnya is to Russia what Monaco is to France, yet the big lie was repeated by most Western leaders.

Mind you, the Serb effort to bring war criminals like Clinton to justice is as likely to succeed as Jack Straw is to be confused with an aristocrat, but such are the joys of Clinton-Blair double standards. I cannot think of an article that painted as clear a picture of the scam that is human rights and war-crimes tribunals than the one by Kirsten Sellars in last week's Speccie: The court acted as the judicial arm of Nato . . and . . . was glad publicly to accept a bulging dossier of British intelligence on Kosovo from Robin Cook. By contrast, when a delegation from a Paris-based organisation tried to deliver a petition calling for Bill Clinton's indictment as a war criminal, they were told the prosecutors were `too busy' to receive it. …

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