Infinite Ink's Infinite Press Digital Publishing System

Article excerpt

Infinite Ink Corp. has announced the pending release of its multi-platform ebook system, with the DocLoc Rights Manager. Developed over the last 3 years, the Infinite Press system was designed from the start with the goal of being the best solution for the publishing, vending, and consumption of digital content on PCs and other viewing devices. According to the company, the results are "an impressive end-to-end system that is the first to comprehensively address the needs of the marketplace." (Note: Infinite Ink was founded in April 1999 to purchase the intellectual assets of J. Stream.)

Infinite Ink's publishing system consists of two distinct halves-the palette of free enabling software applications and a complete e-commerce/distribution system. The system consists of the following four components:

IP Publisher-This free tool converts Open eBook 1.0 standard HTML content into highly compressed Infinite Press Documents (IPDs) with optional encryption for secure usage rights management. Compression ratios average about 4:1 from the original Open eBook file with conversion time for a 200-page book taking no longer than 10 or 15 minutes.

IP Reader-Free viewer reads IPDs and renders the content in a browser-like window for complete hyperlink navigation throughout the document, including treeview table-of-contents and search-results windows. Using the DocLoc Rights Manager, documents that are partially encrypted will display with the unencrypted portions readable so pass-along readers can sample the document and make an educated purchase decision. Once purchased, an encrypted key is automatically passed to the IP Reader, which can then render the entire document. The IP Reader is less than 500K in size, allowing implementation on small devices and easy Internet distribution.

Browser plug-in-Installs in user's browser to facilitate simple e-commerce transactions for the purchase of a document. …


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