Magazine article Information Management

Director Canadian Region Three-Year Term, 2000-2003: Gisele Laura M. Crawford

Magazine article Information Management

Director Canadian Region Three-Year Term, 2000-2003: Gisele Laura M. Crawford

Article excerpt

Gisele Crawford has devoted her RIM career to Canadian municipal and regional service.

First, she served the Provincial Government of Alberta as Microfilm Supervisor, then the City of Edmonton in the same capacity. Since 1985, she has held the position Corporate Records Administrator for the City of Edmonton.

Crawford's public service has provided her a broad range of RIM experience covering such diverse areas as micrographics, records center operation, corporate records management, records retention, consulting services, and training.

Specifically, she has:

Operated an in-house microfilm service bureau that designed systems, developed policies and procedures for 16 and 35 mm filming, controlled processing, and supervised quality control

Operated an in-house records center including the design, selection, and installation of a triple mezzanine system Developed policies and procedures for the implementation of a corporate records management program

Developed records retention scheduling and implementation of the records retention approval process

Acted as internal consultant to assure that all programs fell within guidelines of corporate policies and procedures

Developed and delivered RIM training for the corporation

In addition to her RIM experience, Crawford also offers the Association specialized skills such as strategic planning, public speaking and training, leadership by example, and recognition and appreciation of volunteers.

Her association memberships other than ARMA include the Canadian Information and Imaging Management Society (CIIMS), which she has served as Membership Director and Publication Director, and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, on whose Advisory Council she has served since 1997.

Crawford's RIM and management education encompasses numerous administrative, supervision, leadership and management training programs, Canadian Region and ARMA International Conferences, and Infor-mation Technologies Management, in which she holds a certificate.

Crawford's current and previous ARMA positions/honors include:

Chapter President, Edmonton Chapter

Chair, Membership Committee

Member, Program Committee

Member, Awards Committee

Chapter Member of the Year

Region Member, Program Committee

Manager, ISG, Governments Canada


Canadian Region Director, 1998 to present Member, Strategic Planning

Member, International Issues and Growth Committee

Position Statement

1. What key strengths or skills do you possess that will make you an effective member of the Board of Directors?

I have the dedication, energy, enthusiasm and leadership skills to contribute positively to the Association. I lead by example, and encourage all individuals I meet to do the same. I'm committed to listening to all views, and I appreciate concerns and ideas with an open mind before making decisions in the best interest of the membership and the Association.

2. What do you see as ARMA International's future roles and responsibilities in light of changes in the workplace and less time for volunteering?

Support and communication!

As we continue to move to a staff-driven Association, we can meet this need. ARMA International's future role and responsibility in light of changes in the workplace and decreased volunteer time and support needs to be in the area of increased support to and communication with Chapters and our membership. Chapter Leaders and members in the future will require much information and encouragement, and can be supported by the provision of pre-packaged information on topics such as "Chapter Operations", "Programming", "Recruiting and Retaining Members", "Conducting Seminars" and "Marketing and Promotion".

3. The image of Records and Information Management (RIM) continues to change. …

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